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Cayla V

Propery Manager, University Downtown

"I highly recommend Ethan Ash for all aspects of real estate. Ethan handles our commercial listings with all of the professionalism, respect and enthusiasm we could ever hope for."


Thomas A. Toye IV

"David is a tactful communicator with a wealth of knowledge in land development. I have had previous success in a brokerage deal with David and am currently working with him in a consultation capacity. I am very pleased with his capacity to absorb new information and to educate himself as required for the job at hand."


Stephen B.

"Dave did a great job with listening to my desires and providing appropriate responses to my wishes, while being able to suggest well reasoned alternatives."

CLCG Land Experience

Do you have land that you have tried to sell, only to have it sit on the market for a long period without selling?  This is where the CLCG land experts come into play. Our teams in MA and NH have sold and leased many parcels over the last few years.  In Massachusetts, our team has signed ground leases on a 37 acre and a 38 acre parcel, as well as a lease on a 6.4 acre parcel. We completed the sale of an 8.8 acre parcel for $339,000 and a 6.4 acre parcel for $400,000 as well.  This year, currently two larger parcels in Tyngsborough are under agreement; one 54-acre parcel with a lease option and a 25 acre development site under agreement for sale that was priced to ...
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Pricing Land for Sale and Lease

Why is it that so many owners and realtors have such a hard time pricing land? Nearly half of all land listings end up either ...

Class VI Roads

Many towns in the state of New Hampshire still have a number of Class VI roads. Paul Alfano’s article below will fill you in on ...

Finding Commercial Real Estate

Why is finding commercial real estate so difficult? Investors, residential real estate agents, and colleagues ask this question on a regular basis. The residential market ...

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