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CLCG Land Experience

July 24, 2019

Do you have land that you have tried to sell, only to have it sit on the market for a long period without selling?  This is where the CLCG land experts come into play. Our teams in MA and NH have sold and leased many parcels over the last few years.  In Massachusetts, our team…

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Pricing Land for Sale and Lease

July 8, 2019

Why is it that so many owners and realtors have such a hard time pricing land? Nearly half of all land listings end up either expired or withdrawn over time. What are the critical factors when trying to price land? To begin with, the zoning is the most important factor to consider, and when I…

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Class VI Roads

April 29, 2019

Many towns in the state of New Hampshire still have a number of Class VI roads. Paul Alfano’s article below will fill you in on the laws and rules surrounding their use. A class V road is classified as almost all of the town roads other than state designated highways. The class VI road is…

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Finding Commercial Real Estate

April 29, 2019

Why is finding commercial real estate so difficult? Investors, residential real estate agents, and colleagues ask this question on a regular basis. The residential market was changed with the entrance of Zillow and Redfin to digital world. Their fight to become the “Google search” of real estate listings has made consumer efforts much easier. Commercial…

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Nashua Multifamily Housing Study

April 1, 2019

We were pleased to submit a multi-family study to the city of Nashua, NH that will assist in the city’s future development, and provide the market and demographic data that provides the basis for recommendations. The objective of the research and analysis was to determine potential demand for further development of market rate multifamily housing,…

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UNH’s Amazing Work

December 4, 2018

Who is aware of the little engine that could? That’s what UNH could be compared to these days; a little, but productive engine. The number of satellites that have UNH’s fingerprints all over is astounding – it’s maybe seven, at least. We don’t hear too much about all the amazing things going on at UNH.…

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Why grow your retail portfolio in North Central Massachusetts?

November 5, 2018

Let me tell you about three cities and towns in North Central Massachusetts that are not only growing fast, they’re growing smart. They have opened their cities and towns to a vision of urban downtowns that are very close to beautiful open spaces. Many, if not all, are accessible to everyone. Town of Ayer, MA …

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