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CLCG Land Experience

Do you have land that you have tried to sell, only to have it sit on the market for a long period without selling?  This is where the CLCG land experts come into play. Our teams in MA and NH have sold and leased many parcels over the last few years. 

In Massachusetts, our team has signed ground leases on a 37 acre and a 38 acre parcel, as well as a lease on a 6.4 acre parcel. We completed the sale of an 8.8 acre parcel for $339,000 and a 6.4 acre parcel for $400,000 as well.  This year, currently two larger parcels in Tyngsborough are under agreement; one 54-acre parcel with a lease option and a 25 acre development site under agreement for sale that was priced to sell quickly at $1,500,000 and was under agreement within 8 days.

Our New Hampshire team has sold:

  • 3 lots in Portsmouth for $600,000
  • 80 acres in Raymond for $632,000
  • 90 acres in Epping for $725,000
  • 350 acres in Nottingham for $350,000
  • 78 acres of backland for $200,000
  • 13 acres in Durham for $1,450,000

As of August 2019, we have 670 acres under agreement.   

Our approach to land valuation is to do the work up front and to utilize every tool available so that property will sell because it is priced reasonably! After taking the time to obtain and analyze all of the physical data available and completing a zoning analysis, we use comparable sales, the income approach and the development approach to value and narrow in on a price range.  Because CLCG does the work up front, the property generally does not languish.  We also do not mince words or just take a list price because the seller wants it at that price, which is why our listings sell.  We also work with conservation restrictions on a consulting basis, to help the landowner realize the most money through a combination of sale and donation to mitigate the tax consequences to the landowner.

– Dave Garvey, Managing Director

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