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UNH’s Amazing Work

Who is aware of the little engine that could? That’s what UNH could be compared to these days; a little, but productive engine. The number of satellites that have UNH’s fingerprints all over is astounding – it’s maybe seven, at least. We don’t hear too much about all the amazing things going on at UNH. Not only is there great work being done by UNH in our skies, but amazing work is being done by UNH scientists at the poles – coring back into the past to understand the climate of our world. They are truly on the cutting edge (no pun intended) of their science.

UNH’s Center for Manufacturing is creating work of excellence too. Is there any one of us that is at all concerned about how our devices can talk with each other to accomplish something so simple as printing from a Dell to an HP printer?  We don’t even think about it. The UNH Interoperability Lab, located in the heart of downtown Durham, is bringing in engineers from all over the world and hundreds of companies to create thousands of pathways to make things like that happen.  

And how about the amazing work being done by all of the parts and pieces of the UNH School of Health & Human Services?  An example of two of those departments would be the Northeast Passage and the Heart Healthy program. The former is providing amazing services to those in need: counseling to veterans, adaptive devices to allow those with “disabilities” to participate in sports activities that they otherwise would not be able to, and training many interns in Recreational Therapy every year. The Heart Healthy program is a specific program for heart attack patients, that combines therapy with dietary modifications and exercise in groups.

New Hampshire is unbelievably privileged to have this amazing asset in its midst, and so many more of us should explore how we can work with UNH and how to help them grow. Don’t forget about watching them compete at a high level in a variety of sports. Think about it!

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